• I’m twenty three I’m a riddle (Question) Try to guess the answer
  • Renaissance Man
  • Happy Easter
  • Perfectly Imperfect

  • i need to pull myself together.
  • fresh clouds.
  • i may or may not be secretley in love with you.
  • handsome devil.

  • //different drinks at the same bars♥
  • //something good & right & real♥
  • //your kiss is like an antedote♥
  • //passionate as sin♥

  • the day i thought id never get through - i got over you
  • baptized in the river, i wanna be delivered -
  • growing deep within my head, softly dying - it's soul is shed; eating me all up inside ...
  • death surrounds me, singing me to me softly; death, the shadow spreads his wings around me --
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  • This place where tiny things mean so much to tiny people.
  • and I'd give up forever to touch you.
  • oh i will never ever see you again, and i'll never ever hold you again, in my arms, never ever again..
  • everything is all in the change, everything will change..

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  • maybe you're going to be the one that saves me
  • i've got fake people making fake love to me || thgc
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